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Heart Space Retreats

Welcome to Heart Space Retreats at Healing Grounds, a sanctuary where you can disconnect from the daily grind and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Nestled in serene natural surroundings in Medicine Hat, Alberta, our retreats offer a holistic approach to wellness, combining a variety of healing modalities to help you find balance and inner peace. Every aspect of Heart Space Retreats is curated to help you restore balance, enhance your wellness, and leave feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Join us at Healing Grounds and embark on a transformative journey toward holistic health and wellness.

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At Heart Space Retreats, immerse yourself in the soothing practice of yoga, designed to align your body and calm your mind. Experience the transformative power of sound baths, where harmonic vibrations promote deep relaxation and healing. Connect with gentle and intuitive horses during our equine sessions, fostering a sense of trust and emotional release.

Explore the beauty of our natural landscape with guided nature walks, allowing you to reconnect with the earth and find tranquility in its rhythms.

Many of our classes are offered in our amazing geo-dome "The Bubble" and offer a space to cultivate mindfulness and inner stillness, enhancing your mental clarity and emotional resilience.

Participate in empowerment walks, designed to boost your confidence and self-awareness. Nourish your body with nutritious, delicious meals crafted to support your overall well-being.

Grief & Loss
Wellness Retreat

Join us for a transformative weekend at the Heart Space Grief and Loss Wellness Retreat, designed to support individuals on their journey through grief and loss. Set in a serene and nurturing environment, this retreat offers a safe space to explore and process emotions, find solace, and connect with others who share similar experiences. Facilitators, Melisha Franks (Registered Psychologist) and Alison Potts (RYT-400) both have a lived experience of the loss of a loved one. Enjoy yoga classes, sound baths, a cacao ceremony, and a Japa Meditation session in our amazing geo dome as well as equine therapy, grief group therapy, nature walks, reflective journalling, and more. You will be provided with a journal, mala beads, and a swag bag. Healthy meals, beverages, and snacks are also included in this price. 


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