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Lessons from a Horse #1

Updated: May 8

Horse facing a woman

Melisha and Seraphina at Healing Grounds

Life Lessons from a Horse

Some of my most cherished memories from childhood and adolescence are deeply intertwined with horses and family moments. Growing up in Burmis, Alberta, situated on the path to the Crowsnest Pass, I was immersed in a world filled with relatives—grandparents, aunts, uncles, and a plethora of cousins. But what made these experiences truly magical was the invaluable wisdom I gained from observing and interacting with horses, lessons that went beyond mere words and seeped into the fabric of everyday life in our rural community.

rolling hills

The Burmis Acreage

Lesson from a Horse #1: Presence and Respect

Horses possess a unique ability to teach us invaluable life lessons, and one of the most profound among them is the art of being present in the moment. It's easy to let one's mind wander amid the serene countryside—listening to the melodious chirping of birds, feeling the gentle caress of the wind on one's face, or getting lost in thoughts about crushes or heartbreaks. However, failing to maintain a keen sense of presence can lead to unexpected mishaps, like being startled by a grouse flushing out of the bramble, resulting in a sudden, jarring fall from the saddle onto the unforgiving prairie ground, leaving your heart racing and your body aching with your pride deeply wounded.

Heart shaped rock

The heart of presence discovered in present moment awareness.

This lesson of presence, coupled with a deep respect for the power and instincts of my horse, has stayed with me into adulthood. It's about more than just being physically there; it's about being fully aware and attentive—conscious of my seat in the saddle, my posture, the tension in the reins, and the nuances of the environment around me. From scanning for hidden gopher holes to being mindful of other potential hazards, this heightened vigilance not only enhanced my riding skills in my youth but also sharpened my awareness of myself and others into adulthood. It has instilled in me a profound respect for life in all its forms and equipped me to navigate the unpredictable twists that life often throws our way.

My father, a constant presence during those formative years, consistently emphasized the importance of respecting our equine companions and the dire consequences of taking that respect for granted. Horses, as he often reminded me, are not invincible to mishaps—a stumble over a gopher hole serving as a stark reminder of their vulnerability. These lessons from horses have transcended mere equestrian skills and country living; they have profoundly shaped my approach to relationships, teaching me the value of mutual respect, attentiveness, and readiness for life's unforeseen challenges.

Three children petting a horse

In action- lessons from a horse

Are you prepared to embark on a transformative journey, discovering profound life lessons through the wisdom of horses? Take the reins of your personal growth and schedule your immersive equine-assisted experiences at Healing Grounds today. Uncover invaluable insights and deepen your understanding of life alongside these majestic creatures, enriching your soul and spirit in ways you never imagined possible. Join us at Healing Grounds and let the wisdom of horses guide you towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Author: Melisha Franks; R. Psych and Co-Owner of Keys to Hope & Healing Grounds - March 17, 2024

two people riding two horses

Tales & Trails at Healing Grounds

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