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Welcome to Healing Grounds by Keys to Hope

Disconnect and unplug from technology, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the prairies, and the incredible experience of being with the animals.

Our integrative approach begins with planting seeds of hope through Animal Assisted Experiences, Yoga and Wellness Retreats, and more programs that promote learning, growth, connection, and relaxation. 

Take time just for you, lose some stress, and feel grounded.

Spending time in the countryside can reduce stress and create positive and lasting impact on behaviour. Through purposeful tasks and activities attendees will develop new skills, learn to cope with risks, overcome fears, become increasingly independent, and build a deep sense of confidence in the their abilities.

Have the space and opportunity to play and explore. Foster new friendships, meet the animals, reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Try a new program that unlocks new skills, helping to reduce stress and aggressive behaviour, and that provide luxury experiences only minutes away from Medicine Hat.

Our Experiences

Around the Grounds

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