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Meet Our Animals

Get to know the animals of Healing Grounds.

Our animals all have their own personalities, emotions, and stories.

While the Animals are here for us to learn, entry to the grounds is by appointment only. 


Thea (Pudding)

Pudding is a 15-year-old Gypsy Vanner cross mare. She is the lead mare and has very high expectations in life. She thinks she should be given lots of attention, snacks and should not have to work very hard or ever be rushed by anyone. Her love of snacks is the reason for her nickname, Pudding.

She is used in riding equine-assisted learning sessions and is compassionate and patient with people.  



Treasure is 22 years old. He is a sorrel with his white star on his forehead. In his younger years he was training to become a competition horse in reining and roping. While training he injured himself and put a permanent halt to that career path.

Now that he is at Healing Grounds he is put to work as a therapy assistant.

Treasure loves his naps, food and visiting with people while on the lookout for a possible treat or even just some extra attention.



Seraphina is our youngest and spiciest mare. She is a Quarter Horse cross Arabian filly who is almost three years old. Seraphina is very inquisitive and wants to be involved in everything, even though she is not old enough to participate yet. She is intelligent and the first to come and investigate anything new. Like many youngsters, Seraphina is usually either running around or fast asleep. Sera is in training to become a therapy assistant.


Knox is a gentle, cautious ten-year-old palomino gelding. He was supposed to be a barrel horse but he wasn't built for speed, he was built for leisurely trail rides and cuddles. He wants to please and loves people and does best when he feels someone he trusts is leading him. He was shy at first but now he's decided that he can take the lead on trails, no matter how difficult the terrain is.



Putt is a 15-year-old quarter horse gelding. He was a ranch horse before he came to Healing Grounds and is used for ridden equine-assisted learning sessions. He is an absolute gentleman who is brave and steady. All the mares follow Putt around and adore him (we do too).

Since Putt has joined us he has been given the nickname "Prince" since he is so charming.

Putt is a great therapy assistant.



Speckles is an Appaloosa mare. She is a sweet, affectionate girl who is also calm and generous. Speckles is a very curious, adaptable, friendly horse and has been used in lessons and trail riding before joining her current herd. Speckles has been participating in EAL sessions for a few years now and her favourite part seems to be meeting all the new people! Speckles sometimes struggles with her boundaries because she loves being close to you. 

Free Range Poultry Farm

The Dixie Chicks

The Chicks are retired laying hens and some of them are seniors. Don't be fooled though - they are very friendly, energetic and talkative and still lay eggs every day. The eggs are for sale and proceeds go towards their feed. 



Lola is a Siberian Husky that loves people, treats, and naps.

She is very smart, active, outgoing, and a great vocalist. 

Lola is a trained therapy assistant. She loves helping people by providing them with socialization, engagement, and comfort.


Our Goats

Meet Clara's Goat Crew, our goats all named after Star Wars characters. They love to explore, play and cuddle. They are not trained and can be spontaneous at times, but thats what makes them fun!


They are our yoga assistants, and obstacle course champions in training.

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